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3 Careers You Can Make Over 60k Without A Degree


You have finished high school and thinking of doing something productive. Agreeably, you cannot aim to be the top boss of a firm from day one itself. You will need to get a degree and study more and then start from a job and climb up the corporate ladder step-by-step. However, in the present days, there are career options paying you over 60k without a degree too. The secret to getting this rather decent paycheck is by knowing where to apply.

Make your CV and start applying across diverse companies. Be open to learning and knowing and that is the first big step to success.

Pre-requisite Traits to Possess Before You Apply

  • Eagerness: How eager are you to start working is what makes you go ahead and make the big cut!
  • Kick out Laziness: If you are lethargic, you might find it very difficult from day one.
  • Never Say Die Attitude: Failure to crack every interview just means you are trying.
  • Know People Better: Be ready to discover your real personality as you meet new people.
  • Knowledge: You get to learn from every single day at work. Learn and evolve!

Let us now discuss the top three career choices you can make and draw 60k without a degree.

Air Traffic Controllers

The position requires you to manage the air traffic with great caution. Once you join, you are required to pass the tests by the FAA, which also includes a battery of mental and medical checks. The maximum age for taking this test is 31. Your work will include directing the air traffic and manage the takeoff, landing, and even the emergency landings with great precision.

IT Manager / Networking

Companies usually hire IT guys to ensure their servers and computers work smoothly. You need to possess certification in Networking to have the technical know-how and that’s about it. You can look for jobs in companies like HP, Microsoft, Oracle, and other such IT firms. The pay can reach up to $125,101.

Financial Consultants

If you love to observe the finance market and have a knack of consulting, working as a consultant will be a great career option for you. Just a high school education and an aptitude to help clients get the best finances for their businesses or personal use will be your work. You can specialize and seek employment in the firms like KPMG, Ernst and Young and others with a reasonably good pay package.

Other Career Options to Consider

There are scores of moneymaking options in the market and some even in technical fields. There are offbeat options like an entrepreneur of a startup venture, or a court report, a real estate agent, an executive chef and many more. The only thing you need to focus on while taking up these jobs is to know your passion. Unless you are passionate about the career choice, it can never be your identity for long.

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